We Know

You think it’s just about the flag

We know it’s about what it represents

You think it’s about standing vs. kneeling

We know it’s about life vs. death

You think it’s about pride and patriotism

We know it’s about rights and freedoms

You think what’s on the surface matters

We know the roots make the difference

You think our skin makes us violent

We know it makes us beautiful

You think your privilege is your strength

We know our intelligence is more powerful

You think our outrage is unbearable

We live it everyday, we know it is.

You think and talk

We know and do

You “just think” and we know that too.

We know your thinking holds consequences and it tries to bury our truths but our truths are seeds and will always bear fruit.

You think you’re right

We know Nazis do too

We know how to fight our oppressors,

You may not know you are one yet


We think you sense it to be true.

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