Phoenix Rising

He awoke to sound of the sun rising. Its rays bursting through the window

causing light to scatter across his face; the quilt seemed to tighten as if it was protecting the rest of his body.

Waves came crashing through his lids and he was forced to sit up. The reflection in his eyes made the room steam. The phoenix loved from inside of him.

He stepped in last night’s ashes as he careened off the bed. Yesterday was tough but rebirth helps to heal scars. Sleepily, he made his way to the bathroom. Ashes continue to fall, creating today’s plan of attack and disintegrate as they fulfill their purpose.

The mirror fogs as the warrior prince stares into it. He strategizes with the phoenix as the water desperately tries to cling to its solid form.

He worried that the world would one day become too cold. But he knew the phoenix’s love would help him to warm it. They’ve been a team since the beginning of time. There isn’t enough sunlight in the day to combat the tundra alone.

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